Premade I spy trinkets sets of 50 pictured trinkets.
These collections made out of all variety of TomToy trinkets  and evenly include most letters of the alphabet

Color of objects may vary from pictured.
In case some pictured object is out of stock, it will be replaced with object in other design (the same word if possible or with another object starting with same letter)

● Collection #1
abacus, audio tape, baby, book, bib, backpack, cactus, crayon, cucumber, deer, domino, eagle, fan, fairy, goblet, gingerbread man, game controller, hacksaw, hair drier, island, jack rabbit, kangaroo, ladder, life buoy, lizard, m&m, magic wand, nail polish, necktie, oreo, pacifier, pumpkin, peanut, quail, rugby, rocking horse, shovel, Santa, snake, spatula, tale, tooth, turtle, UFO, van, waffle, walnut, x marks the spot, yacht, zebra

● Collection #2
alligator, armadillo, balloon, bee, banana, bow, barrel, camel, cherry, candy, cow, dog, diamond, elephant, fire engine, fox, ghost, genie lamp, hand, hare, injection, jaws, jelly, kitchen knife, lemon, , ladybug, mermaid, microphone, nest, numbers, origami, palm tree, pea, panda, puffer fish, quill, rainbow, robot, snail, seahorse, screwdriver, spoon, tea pot, tank, utensils, violin, watermelon, x-ray, yellow submarine, zipper

● Collection #3
animal track, ant, bat, box, bell, carrot, camera, cat, cake, dragonfly, donut, envelope, frog, fish, girl, gnome, honey, helmet, handbag, high heel ice-cream jet, jack-o'-lantern knot, koala link, lorry, mistletoe, mouse, notebook, owl, pan, peacock feather, pineapple, queen carriage, ray fish, raccoon, ring, sheep, slipper, skateboard, scissors, telephone, toothpaste, USA, viking, wheel, xylophone, yolk, zero

● Collection #4
alpaca, ax, bear, bath, bicycle, cheese, comb, castle, cloud, donkey, dress, dalmatian dog, earth, eye, flip flop, flower, goat, garbage bin, hedgehog, helicopter hat, ice-skates, jewel, karate, lipstick, lock, moose, mitten, needle, one, oyster , pomegranate, parrot phone, police car, question, rat, raindrop, shell, sneaker, snowflake, sharpener, train, tree, unicorn, volleyball, witch, xanthie, yarn, zeppelin

● Collection #5
airplane, ambulance, bird, baguette, bone, coil, canoe, clover leaf, clock, dump truck, dolphin, excavator, easter egg, flamingo, grapes, globe, golf, hexagon, hippo, harp, indian jam, keyboard piano, lollypop, lion, moon, mushroom, milk, nutcracker, octopus, pigeon , palette, peach,, quiche , ruler, rooster, rabbit, sock, spider, spool strawberry, t-shirt, tube, treble clef, underwear, vase, wreath, x-ray fish, yoga, zinnia

● Collection #6
avocado, astronaut, alarm, boot, baby bottle, bulb, bread, croissant, coat, calculator, cup, duck, drill, elf, football, fork, gummy bear, glasses, hanger, horse, ice cube juice, key, lobster, muffin tray, monkey, nesting doll, overall, opener, pine needles, planet, pirate ship, pepper, quiver , racket tennis, rhino, rose, squirrel, star, shark, suntractor, tape measure, television, umbrella, vampire, watering can, wolf, yinyan, zzz…

● Collection #7
angel, archery, boxing glove, branch, binoculars, brush, car, chocolate, concrete mixer, corn, door, dinosaur, egg, Eiffel tower, feather, fishbone, gift, gorilla, hydrant, handcuffs hot air balloon, iron, jar, jellyfish, kiwi, llama, lungs, mirror merry-go-round, note, oars, plate, pliers, pin, pram, queen, rain boot, raspberry, stethoscope, snowman, sunglasses, scorpion, tomato, tea bag, urchin, valentine card, wings, wrench, xeme, yes

● Collection #8
anchor, arrow, bucket, butterfly, broom, bamboo, chick, cookie, cap, cupcake, caterpillar, digger, daisy, eggplant, fire extinguisher, gun, garden, fork, grasshopper, hatchet, house, hot pepper, hen, ice hockey, jelly bean, knitting, lips, mustache, marshmallow, narwhal, octagon, orange juice, popcorn, pig, princess, pelican, rake, rudder, sweets, squid, scarf, saw, tennis ball, toothbrush, utility knife, visa, whale, wind mill, web, yamberry, zigzag

● Collection #9
acorn, apple, broccoli, bus, brush, baseball, coin, crown, calla, crab, dumbbell, emu, french fries, glue, giraffe, gloves, hammer, hamburger, insect, jester, jug, knife, leaf, lightning, motorcycle, nut shell, orange, oil, puzzle, perfume, piano, penguin, quartz, rider, rocket, radio, swan, starfish, seal, swallow, top hat, tricycle, tiger, up, vessel, wedding, window, xanthisma (daisy), yak, zephyr

● Collection #10
anglerfish, armchair, ballerina, biplane, bluebell, boat, clothespin, candy cane, compass, crib, cross, divider, electric fan, falling star, guitar,
gas burner, heart, headphone, instant noodles, jolly roger, jingle bell, kitten, lighthouse, mantis, mask, microscope, navy boat, notebook, oven mitt, ornament, pill, puppy, pinecone, pizza, queen bee, roller-skates, rolling pin, soap, sausage roll, sack, scooter, triangle ruler, trumpet, upcycle, video camera, watch, waffle, wheel, yellow crayon, zebra crossing

● Collection #11
accordion, alien, almond, at sign @, basketball, balance, bouquet, cowboy hat, circle, date, dice cube, eggshell, eraser, face mask, fly, gas cylinder, honeycomb, infant, jaguar, jeans, kettle, kayak, lantern, license plate, mom, mint candy, megaphone, nesting box, ocean liner, postcard, pencil, pot, platypus, paint, rectangle, retriever dog, sword, swim, scooter, stork, taxi, tent, ukulele, ulysses butterfly, vanity, wardrobe, wagon,
xenarthra, young moon, zombie

mix of miniatures, charms, beads, buttons, prints and more made of plastic, resin, wood, alloy, laminated cards

1-4 cm (3/8-1.5 inch)

I spy trinkets Collection #8, 1-4cm, Set of 50 trinkets