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Small individual trinkets

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Here you can find all the available trinkets.

In past I had two purchase options:

random or specific choice sets

I removed the random option and divided all the trinkets to sets of 5 pieces. This way you can see how your set is going to look like.

Or you can put together you own set with specific trinkets, this option remains for additional 25% of the price.

Small individual trinkets in the shop

Letter A

Alpaca Acorn Accordion Award Audio

Alligator Airplane Animal track Ape Alarm

Ambulance Angel Armchair Arrow ABC

Ant Asparagus Anchor Arrow Abacus

Astronaut Apple Angry bird Armor Alien

Argentina Australia Austria Autumn leaves

Avocado Airplane Angel fish Apple Axe

Letter B

Balloon British soldier Brazil flag Big Ben

Banana Baby Bottle Bow Ballerina

Bath Balance Bucket Bus Brush

Bear Basketball Box glove Block Bone

Bicycle Baseball Bat Brush Bug

Bird Backpack Bib Bulb Badge

Binoculars Basketball Branch Bee Bat

Broccoli Boot Broom Bamboo Bow

Books Box Boat Butterfly Bell

Letter C

Calla Cab Chocolate Cheerleader Cucumber

Camel Coin Chair Cupcake Corn

Carrot Crown Camera Cardinal bird Clock

Castle Cage Comb Clock Crayon

Cat Cookie Cleaver Cup Car

Cement truck Cherry Circle Chili pepper Coil

Christmas tree Candy Cheese Calculator Cap

Clover Cake Cork Cobra Сhimney sweep

Couch Compass Canoe Clothespin Chick

Crab Cactus Cowboy hat Cow Cloud

Crystal ball Coral Coat Cup Cross

Letter D

Deer Dumbbell Dalmatian dog Digger Dice

Dolphin Dragon fruit Dish Drawer Drill

Donkey Dump truck Daisy Dragonfly Dog

Donut Dress Duck Domino Dinosaur

Dragon Diamond Divider Doves Door

Letter E

Elephant Elf Emoji Eye glasses Evergreen

Excavator Egg Eiffel tower Eagle Eggplant

Eye Easter egg Earth Eight Envelope

Letter F

Fire engine Fly French horn Flower Fire extinguisher

Fox Flip flop Fairy Flag Flamingo

French fries Fan Hair dryer Fork Fish

Frog Fishbone Fishboat Football Feather

Letter G

Gerbera flower Golf Gecko Guitar Globe

Ghost Gun Grapes Gummy bear Gear

Giraffe Gnome Gorilla Gloves Girl

Goldfinch Gift Glasses Grasshopper Gingerbread man

Letter H

Handbag Hamburger Hanger Helmet Hockey

Hat Hatchet Horse Hot air balloon Horseshoe

Hedgehog Hotdog Handsaw Headphone Heart

Helicopter Hourglass Hippo Hare Hook

Hen Holly Honey Handcuffs Hand

House Hydrant Harp High heels Hammer

Letter I

Ice-cream van Infinity Italy flag Iceland flag

Indian Icicle Island Ink Iron

Infant Insect Injection Ice-cream Ice skates

Letter J

Jack-o-lantern Jack rabbit Jelly bean Jingle bell Jester

Jay Jet Jaguar Jam Jug

Juice Jellyfish Jewel Jaws Jar

Jurassic park (3 dinosaurs) Japanese Jolly roger

Letter K

Kangaroo Key Knot Karate Keyboard

Kitty Kettle Knight Knife Korea flag

Koala Kiwi Knitting Katydid Kitchen knife

Letter L

Ladybug Leaf Lollipop Light License plate

Lion Lightning Light house Lamp Lipstick

Llama Lamb Lock Life ring Lottery

Lorry Lemon Lips Laptop Link

Letter M

Mermaid Mushroom Magic wand Mirror Minnie mouse

Mom Moon Moose Map Mouse

Monkey Mask Microphone Milk M&M

Motorcycle Mustache Mitten Megaphone Microscope

Letter N

Newborn Narwhal Nut Nail polish Nest house

Ninja Nutcracker Nest Notebook Nut

Notebook Nine Note No Necktie

Numbers 1-2-3  Netherlands flag Norway flag

Letter O

Ocean liner Once upon a time Owl Old time car Ox

Oreo Oven mitt Ostrich Octagon Opener

Ornament Orange Overall Oars One

Owl Orange Oyster Origami Octopus

Letter P

Painted bunting Parrot Pineapple Pointers Pearl

Pear Pine Phone Pizza Pig

Penguin Pig Pin Puzzle Peppers

Police car Planet Pliers Palm tree Pirate ship

Popcorn Perfume Pram Peacock feather Pelican

Princess Panda Peanut Pipa Pacifier

Pumpkin Paper plane Piano Pail Pill

Puppy Pan Paw Pine cone Pea

Letter Q

Queen Quiver Quill Quail Quilt

Quiche Queen carriage Question Quartz Queen bee

Letter R

Raccoon Ring Rake Rocket Ruler

Rhino Rudder Rolling pin Rose Rocking horse

Robin Racket Rabbit Rugby Roller skates

Rooster Rainbow Robot Rider Radio

Letter S

Santa Sausages Stegosaurus Sunglasses Sword

Scarlet tanager Sock Shark Skateboard Snail

Sled Spool Snake Slipper Seahorse

Snowmen Sea turtle Scarf Spoon Strawberry

Squirrel Saxophone Sheep Sneaker Shovel

Swallow Shell School bus Sun Scissors

Swan Submarine Saw Squid Starfish

Letter T

Taxi Traffic lights Tea bag Toad Thimble 

Teddy Television Trumpet Turtle Tricycle

Tiger Toothpaste T-shirt Tape measure Tent

Tomato Tooth Toothbrush Tractor Teapot

Train Table Treble clef Tree Tank

Letter U

UFO Unhappy Utility knife UK USA

Under construction Ukulele Unicorn Utensils Umbrella

Unicycle Ultrasound Underwear Ulysses butterfly Umbrella

Letter V

Van Viking Volleyball Vampire bat V pen

Vanity Vase Visa Valentine Violin

Letter W

Wardrobe Wreath Wrench Wind mill Waffle

Watermelon Whisk Wings Window Watering can

Wedding Wagon Walnut Witch Watch

Whale Wheel Wolf Web Worm

Letter X

Xanthie Xylophone Xebec X marks the spot X-ray fish

Xeme Xiphias X-ray Xenopus Xanthisma

Letter Y

Yak Yolk Young moon Yes Yellow crayon

Letter Z

Zebra Zero Zipper Zombie Zigzag

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