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Montessori objects

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Sets of 3-5 realistic objects by letter for Montessori alphabet box and other activities and crafts.

Letter A

Antelope Anchor Amethyst Apple Australia flag

Anteater Acorn Ant Avocado Astronaut

Alligator Apple Alien Airplane Archery

Letter B

Bear Bag Baguette Box Button

Butterfly Bananas Bow and arrow Bulb Book

Bug Baby Bell pepper Bow Brazil flag

Bee Brush Bowl Bowling pin Board

Letter C

Camel Cake Crown Compass Caterpillar

Cat Cherry Cactus Crab Clothing pin

Cow Camera Cup Corn Comb

Cricket Chick Cookie Croissant Carrot

Letter D

Deer Dog Dinosaur

Donkey Dolphin Duck

Dragonfly Date Dragon fruit Daisy Dice

Letter E

Elephant Eiffel tower Egg Eggplant Ecuador flag

Excavator Eight Emery board Eye Earring

Letter F

Forklift Frog Flip flop Fly France flag

Fox French fries Fork Flour Fish

Letter G

Grasshopper Glasses Grapes Gorilla Goblet

Giraffe Grapefruit Glitter Globe Gnome

Goose Goat Gift Gingerbread man Garbage

Letter H

Hammer fish Hat High heel Hot peppers Hedgehog

Horse Herb Honey Hippo Hamburger

Humpback whale Heart Hexagon Hanger Hen

Letter I

Ice-cream Island Ice Infant Ice skates

Letter J

Jaguar Jet Jar Jingle bell Jewel

Jellyfish Jalapeno Jelly Jack rabbit Juice

Letter K

Kangaroo Killer whale Knight Knitting needles Key

Koala Kiwi bird Knife Kiwi King card

Letter L

Lion Largha Life buoy Leaf Lettuce

Lizard Ladybug Lollipop Ladder Lime

Lobster Lock Lemon Lungs License plate

Letter M

Monkey Mug Magic wand Milk Map

Moose Mermaid Microphone Mushroom Muffin pan

Letter N

Newt Nut Nine Nest Napkin

Narwhal Nail file Needle Net News

Letter O

Octopus Orchid Orange Oreo Oil

Orca Ornament One Orange Oats

Letter P

Panda Pumpkin Pizza Platypus Palm tree

Penguin Parrot Pepper Plate Pomegranate

Pig Pencil Pangolin Peanut Pineapple

Polar bear Police Palette Pencil Pin

Letter Q

Queen conch Question Quiche Queen card Quiver

Quinoa Quartz Quilt Quarter Queen

Letter R

Rat Rainbow Rice Rake

Rhino Rattle Roller Ruler Rudder

Rooster Rose Ring Ray fish Rocking horse

Letter S

Scorpion Skateboard Sword Shark Suricate

Seahorse Sheep Seal Spoon Soda

Squirrel Starfish Scissors Squid Shoe

Stork Spatula Strawberry Spider Sea turtle

Letter T

Tapir Toadstool Teapot Tooth Tag

Tiger Thread Tape measure Tangerine Top hat

Turtle Toothpaste Thermometer Tomato Tail

Letter U

Unicorn Utensils US Umbrella Under construction

Letter V

Vampire bat Video camera Visa Vase Violin

Letter W

Walrus Wagon Wine Windmill

Whale Watering can Water Worm Wand

Wheel Web Wasp Whistle Watermelon

Wizard Wolf Waffle Wreath Walnut

Letter X

Xylophone Xanthisma (sleepy daisy) X marks the spot X-ray

Letter Y

Yak Yo-yo Yarn Yamberry Yeti

Letter Z

Zebra Zero Zebra crossing Zoo Zipper

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