All the pages

All the pages divided to three steps of complexity.
It is mostly for price matter , but you also can use it as age guide. The most simple pages are for youngest kids and more complicate for older.

The book may contain a mix of different steps, and grow with your child.
If you not sure what pages to choose, no worries. Give me some general directions – gender, age, theme, favorite color/toys/animals… – and I will advise pages or design new ones for you.

Standard book size is 20x20cm
Little quiet books 17x17cm
Little quiet book may include STEP1 pages and some simplified STEP2 pages.

Removable parts
Parts marked as "removable", attached to the page in different ways - velcro, button, snap, magnet, hooks. The fastener might be changed from pictured, to create diverse book


Day quiet book page
 Raining cloud, removable sun
Night quiet book page
Removable moon and star
Rainy cloud quiet book page
Zipper rainy cloud

Rainbow pegs
Rainbow pegs
Color matching
Garden quiet book page
Harvest carrots
Removable carrots
Apple tree quiet book page
Apple tree step1
Removable apples

Elephant quiet book page
Buckle gate
Animal hiding inside
Tree house with button flaps page
Tree house step1
Flaps in different shapes and colors
Under the sea quiet book page
Zipper under the sea
Jellyfish on a string

Counting quiet book page
Counting 1 to 5 step1
Cartoon shaped beads 
Nature quiet book page
My window view
Customized nature page or other view
Cheese quiet book page
Threading mouse in cheese
Double sided page

Snowmen quiet book page
Snowmen step1
Removable snow ball
Emotions quiet book page
4 kids emotions under flaps in different shape and color
Ladybug quiet book page
Zipper and lacing ladybug

Counting quiet book page
Counting 1 to 10 colorful round beads
Bee hive maze quiet book page
Bee hive maze
Bear quiet book page
Fluffy bear in cave

Cars quiet book page
Sliding cars

Stretchy elephant trunk
Sensory page, suede elephant
Sea quiet book page
Sea wave flap
Big and small fish

Starry night quiet book page
Starry night
 pull one star and see another moves
Sheep quiet book page
Hiding in a grass
Frog quiet book page
Frog catching dragonfly

Lacing hedgehog
Removable apple
Lacing snail

Lacing Hungry caterpillar

Feed the hippo step1
Zipper mouth with removable food
Big dipper
Winding cord around buttons
Rocket step1

I spy sun
Lacing planets, counting ribbons
Tractor- button wheels

Lacing car in town

Lacing construction site

Tie a bow

Rugby ball
Lace and tie
Football maze

Button wheel

Button eyes and zipper mouth


Rainy cloud quiet book page
Zipper rainy cloud and removable flower

Rainbow quiet book page
Rainbow bugs
Color matching
Clock quiet book page
Clock with movable arms

Buckle shoe quiet book page
Buckle shoe- snaps, lace and tie
Counting quiet book page
Counting shape beads 1 to 5 with removable numbers
Teeth brushing Alligator (or other animal)

Farm quiet book page
Farm animals - who gives what
Match honey (snap) to beehive, eggs to chicken 
Farm quiet book page
Farm animals - who gives what
Match milk (snap) to cow. Button mill
Barn quiet book page
4 puppets Barn farm animals

Garden quiet book page
Vegetables garden
4 removable veggies
Apple tree quiet book page
Apple tree
Removable apples in two colors for color sorting  to baskets
Flowers garden quiet book page
Flowers garden
Button flowers

Fruit tree quiet book page
Tree of different fruits
Matching whole fruit to half

Weaving basket quiet book page
Weaving basket

Tree house with button flaps page
Tree house with button flaps
Door flaps with loop and button, find out who leaves in a house

House quiet book page
House with button flaps
Flaps in different shapes and colors
Family photo quiet book page
Family home 
Button flaps with pockets for pictures
Bugs quiet book page
Bugs in shapes
Matching colors, learning shapes

My Dog quiet book page
My Dog
Feed and Buckle for a walk
Hippo quiet book page
Feed the hippo
Zipper mouth and button food  
Ladybug quiet book page
Button ladybug

Boat quiet book page
Lacing boat.
Removable life buoy to hang on a hook
Sea quiet book page
Zipper under the sea.
Whale with water sprout in and out
Fish quiet book page
Shape fishes
Removable fishes in different shapes and colors

Horse quiet book page
Buckle gate - horse with braiding tail
Zebra quiet book page
Buckle gate - zebra with braiding tail
Ice cream quiet book page
Ice-cream shop

I spy under the sea quiet book page
I spy under the sea
Lace and tie sea, clear window with I spy objects
Decorating tree

Buckle gate with 4 wild animal finger puppets

Roads map quiet book page
Roads map
Filling gas, washing and going back home
Bunny in town
Sweet bunny with carrot mobile on a trip in town
Hot air balloon quiet book page
Hot air balloon
Flying up and down, Button sacks
Fire truck quiet book page
Fire truck
House on fire, Button water hose to hydrant and fire truck, saving a cat
Robot quiet book page
Robot Step2
Zipper mouth, lacing body

Construction quiet book page
Build a house
Velcro bricks loading with crane

Fix a car quiet book page
Fixing car
Removable tools, lacing car engine
Train quiet book page
Counting Train
Wagons stick to velcro numbers, Count windows and wheels, match to number
Mushroom quiet book page
Miniature Mushroom house
Lacing mushroom with tiny animal home inside

Miniature Tree house
Lacing tree with tiny animal home inside
Felt "paper"doll with professions outfits quiet book page
2 professions outfits for  felt "paper"doll with

Felt "paper"doll with professions outfits quiet book page
2 superhero outfits for felt "paper"doll


Fairy horse
Buckles, braiding
Acorn house
Button door, leaf , buckle window

5 buckles

Spelling double spread
Page with trinkets and letters for spelling simple words

Tool box
Make a minion face


Space quiet book page
8 removable planets
Clock quiet book page
Clock with removable numbers

Seasons quiet book page
Seasons tree double page spread
Tree and Velcro seasons pieces in pockets

Weather station double page spread
Farm quiet book page
Farm animals-who gives what
Matching food to animals. Button milk
Barn quiet book page
8 finger puppets Barn
Buckle  doors

Pizza quiet book page
Pizza shop
4 slices with toppings in pockets. Counting game

Math quiet book page
Removable numbers, beads abacus
4 Professions outfits
Custom professions, like policeman, fireman, doctor, pilot, astronaut, sailor and more

Robot quiet book page
7 different fasteners
4 fasteners and counting beads necklace
Tic tac toe
Tic tac toe game
sea theme

Memory quiet book page
Tangram quiet book page
Inside out quiet book page
Inside out make a face game

removable food, pan and pot

Place setting
Place setting
Removables plate, cup and utensils

Animals sky-land-water
11 removable animals stored in wave pocket
Classification  by sky-land-water

Land animals
Customized page with your country animals
Land animals quiet book page
Land animals pieces

Dressed robot

Sea animals
Customized page with your country animals
Sea animals quiet book page
Sea animals pieces

Bunny clock with removable numbers

Fire station
Fire rescue
Snowmen quiet book page
Snowman step3
Make a snowman with different removable accessories

Vegetables and fruits garden with name tags
Removable veggies and fruits
Town quiet book page
Lacing and button buildings

Buttons alphabet double spread
Buttons alphabet double spread



  1. Are your animals double sided?

    1. Hi, some of the animals may become double sided, but I make them as one sided.


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