20 November 2017

Big ABC with cards

BIG ABC trinkets with Word cards for Montessori Alphabet Box

BIG ABC trinkets over 1 inch for Montessori alphabet box, learning ABCs, educational games, speech therapy and more.
Includes matching word cards.

This alphabet set created with mix of miniatures, charms, beads, buttons, prints and more.
Color, and sometimes design, of objects may vary from pictured.

Alphabet trinkets help to turn learning alphabet in to fun activity with touch and feel.

Select your set:
● Big ABC set 1: 1 object per letter
● Big ABC set 3: 3 objects per letter
● Big ABC set 5: 3-5 objects per letter

Plastic, resin, wood, alloy trinkets
Laminated card stock cards

most trinkets are 2.5-5 cm (1-2 inch) and some larger
cards - 6.5x3 cm (2.5x1.25 inch)

For sale on Etsy 

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