29 August 2017

Small mixed trinkets 2017

"I spy with my little eye something…"

Small sized trinkets for I Spy bag, I spy bottle and other educational games or crafts.
I spy activities help kids to practice their language skills in any age, from pointing to right object to story telling.

Trinkets are mix of miniatures, charms, beads, buttons, cabochons, etc. This is a mixed selection of single and double-sided trinkets, in variety of colors and themes that so fun to spy.

Select number of trinkets for your set – 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 trinkets.
Only different trinkets in set, without duplicates.

Plastic, resin, wood, alloy

most trinkets are 1-3 cm (3/8-1 inch)

Ships from Israel with registered air mail.
Standard shipping overseas normally takes 2-4 weeks. Upgrades available at checkout.

in different size, theme sets, rainbow, alphabets, letters, numbers…

TomToy it's a small line of handmade toys. In creating process I use a lot of cute buttons, beads and other miniatures. Once these treasures became a product itself - I spy trinkets.
I made many sets in different colors, sizes and themes. And if you still didn't find what you looking for, you can order custom set and individual trinkets for your needs.
I have over 500 different kinds now and continuously working on new sets, alphabets and more new ideas.

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