16 December 2016

My Bible, green 10 pages

My Bible quiet book by TomToy

Creation Day
Adam and Eve removable dolls. Velcro sun. Frog catching button dragonflies.
Creation Night
Velcro moon. Owl in button tree hollow. Wooden removable bird in nest. Button on flowers.
My Bible quiet book Creation by TomToy

Noah's Ark
Snap ark's door. 10 finger puppets - Noah and wife, 4 pairs wild animals.
Joseph and the Coat of many colors
Lace and tie the coat. Rainbow ribbons.
Noah's Ark, Joseph and the Coat of many colors

Baby Moses in Reeds
 Weave the baskets. Removable baby doll
Baby Moses in Reeds

Daniel & the Lion's Den
Buckle gate. Lion's mouth opens.
Daniel & the Lion's Den Daniel & the Lion's Den Daniel & the Lion's Den

Jonah and the Whale
 Zipper whale's mouth. Removable Jonah doll. I spy window.
Jonah and the Whale Jonah and the Whale

Tie barn's doors. Hook star. 12 finger puppets - Joseph, Maria, baby, 2 shepherds, 3 wise men, angel and 3 farm animals.


Fishers of Men
Magnetic fishing game with wooden rod and 10 fish in different shapes and colors.
Fishers of Men

Armor of God
Magnet snap gate. Felt doll to dress up.
Armor of God

1. Creation Day
2. Creation Night
3. Noah's Ark
4. Joseph and the Coat of many colors
5. Baby Moses in Reeds
6. Daniel & the Lion's Den
7. Jonah and the Whale
8. Nativity
9. Fishers of Men
10. Armor of God

20x20cm (8x8")

The pages made from cotton fabric lined with fusible interfacing for stiffness. Batting between the pages. Removable pieces and appliques made of polyester felt.
Variety of buttons, laces, velcro, zipper … making learning fun and easy.
eyelets with cord, pages interchangeable

My Bible quiet book by TomToy My Bible quiet book by TomToy


  1. These Quiet Bibles look amazing!!! Are they available for purchase?

  2. Would love to purchase! Please let me know

  3. Is this available? I love it! Please let me know.


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