Saguaro kit update

Handmade DIY Saguaro cactus kit

My beloved cactus kit was updated for a million time with new yarn and pail colors.
The yarn is my favorite Italian yarn, that all my cacti and appliques made of:
100% cotton yarn- Silke by Arvier Estate and BBB Casba. 127(113)m/50g
How do you like the nicknames for yarn? It's a whole story to make them up)))
Handmade DIY Saguaro cactus kit
And new yummy colors of teen pails
Handmade DIY Saguaro cactus kit
The kit available in my shop 


Urban Zoologie #2

Urban Zoologie fabric book, quiet book, busy book



Urban Zoologie
8 pages
22x22cm (8.5x8.5")

1. Elephant - ear flap to lift
2. Giraffe - tie a bow
3. Zebra -behind velcro gate
4. Owl - peekaboo moving wings
5. Lion - hiding in a grass
6. Monkey - move a leaf
7. Bird - squeak sun
8. Hippo - marble maze

Wild watercolor animals

Handmade fabric book, first baby cloth book, wild animals watercolor illustrations
Новая книжка из панель ткани с удивительными и добрыми акварельными иллюстрациями диких животных.
Обычно к таким панельным тканям я добавляю развивающие элементы. Эта ткань долго у меня лежала, ломала голову каких бы добавить к ней развивашек. И вот наконец я поняла что эту ткань насиловать нельзя, она прекрасна сама по себе.
А потому получилась вот такая простая, маленькая, пухлая книжечка. Просто картинки. Но я её сразу полюбила. Шила на одном дыхании.

Handmade fabric book, first baby cloth book, wild animals watercolor illustrations


Quiet book for Everett

Quiet book for Everett by TomToy
Quiet book for Everett.
Everett is over 3, so the book features more complicated pages and some of his favorite theams, like superheroes and "inside out" movie.


Quiet book for Xavier

Quiet book for Xavier, Busy book for a boy
Quiet book for Xavier.
Xavier is also Caitlyn's little brother :)

Custom made book with pages from the Travel book and mix of other pages.

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